Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

So I have been practicing more and more on my singing. I'm almost ready to maybe do a real video of a whole song. However, I haven't decided which song to use yet. Any suggestions are welcome as always. So without further ado, here a few more...

My personal favorite of this round is How Great Thou Art. I got the idea after listening to Carrie Underwood's version of it. I hope you all enjoy! :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

I ran a 5k!!!

I finally got to go visit Laura and her little familia, as well as my Grandma this weekend. It was so nice to see them. It had been way too long since I last saw them. I drove up the the Kevin Cruess family because we all wanted to participate in the Walk/Run for LIFE in Roseville. I ran my first 5k since Cross Country, and I was pretty proud of myself. I was able to run the whole thing, and my time wasn't awful. I hope to do more 5k's in the future though, and I hope to get much better times!

I had a great weekend, even though it FLEW by. Spending time with family is always worth it. Playing and dancing with my little nieces is always a blast, and driving for hours in a car with a sick Benji is always fun. He was actually very good for a sick little boy. He did a lot of sleeping. (I hope he is feeling better now.) Car trips are always awesome when you have a little kids in the back singing/trying to dance to Party Rock Anthem and Gangnam Style. While at Laura's house, it was so fun to see her little ones growing up. (It was also sad to see how much I've missed.) They were dancing, singing, talking, riding bikes, and just being basically AWESOME. I would expect nothing less though, of course.

I am so glad that I was able to spend the weekend with great people, eating delicious food (thanks Chris for the BBQ), and having a fun time. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family! <3

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

When Country Comes to Town

So here are a bunch of country songs. Since I aspire to be a country singer, it is probably smart to sing some country songs. ;) Oh, and I threw in One Day by Matisyahu as well.

My Best Friend-Shannon Edition

Someone Else's Star-Shannon Edition

Mama's Song-Shannon Edition

Pontoon-Shannon Edition

One Day-Shannon Edition

Heads Carolina, Tails California-Shannon Edition

That Song in my Head-Shannon Edition

Mean-Shannon Edition

Since I'm putting these videos up, I thought I might as well type a little something. Country music has always been my favorite genre of music. I feel like each song tells a story, and I feel like country music is so easy to relate to. For everything that has ever happened to me, good or bad, I can think of a country song that is perfect for the situation.

My favorite female country artist would probably be Carrie Underwood or Shania Twain. My favorite male country artist would probably be either Garth Brooks, George Strait, or Brad Paisley. My favorite country group would probably be either Little Big Town or Lady Antebellum. My favorite country song, if I could only choose ONE, would be My Best Friend by Tim McGraw. Although my top 3 all-time country favorites would be My Best Friend, Blown Away (Carrie Underwood), and Unanswered Prayers (Garth Brooks).

I clearly like way too many country songs and artists, but what can I say? I LOVE country music.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Going to see the boyfriend...

This past week (or about 10 days) I was able to fly away to Ohio to see the best boyfriend in the world. It was a great trip. I was able to spend some great quality time with Scottie. :) I am so blessed to have such a great best friend! Since I have been missing my friends in Steubenville (well mostly Katie), Scott drove me to Steubenville for a few days and I surprised Katie and all my friends at Franciscan. Here's the video I got of me surprising Katie. She literally got all teary-eyed, but of course not until after I turned the camera off.

When we went back to Cincinnati, I was able to spend a lot of time with the wonderful Bissonnette family.  I even got to help with school. Clearly I was a great teacher... ;)

Scott and I had so much fun! Highlight of my trip was probably our fantastic date. We went to dinner at The Meritage where we ate until we couldn't eat anymore, and then received free cheesecake. After dinner we decided to walk 20 miles so we could get Graeter's Ice Cream. Ok maybe it wasn't quite 20 miles. But we did have a nice long walk. :) Then, we went to Graeter's and had some of the best ice cream EVER! (For the record, I had to finish Scott's because he was so ridiculously full. Probably because I made him finish my food the entire time I was there.) BEST.DATE.EVER. 

Another highlight was when we went to Bicentennial Commons and I made friends with a goose that I named Ted. He scared me at first, but when I realized how nice he was, I decided to be friends with him. I almost asked him to take our picture, but he was too short, so the camera angle would have been awkward. 

It was a great trip. Well worth it for sure. Sorry girls for taking the most amazing guy off the market. ;) And thank you Bissonnettes for your hospitality and for all the fun memories!